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How to Throw Into the Launch

It's about two days again before my first launching event. I never thought that someone will trust me to organize their event. I am the man hehehehe. I can a hundred percent give my idea for this event. The launching itself not just a matter of to trade shows products or what, but beyond of that there is a mission to be share with the other.

If it just only about how to bring truss, or another supplies of exhibit booths, trade show displays, I can easily order to the camelbackdisplay instantly. It's the destination you should be landed if you need any supplies for arranging an exhibit or concert. In fact, the camelbackdisplay also could fulfill any types of trade show flooring like logo floor mats too.
But the problem is, how I could bring up the mission to everyone there about how potential is the products I want to introduce. Is there anyone could help me?

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