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Holiday in London

Christmas and New Year is coming. My husband and I have made a plan for this holiday season to go to London. And we also planned to visit my friend in Birmingham. Though we will go in December, a week before Christmas, but I have made a reservation for hotels yesterday because in Christmas and New Year is a peak season for hotels.

Making a hotel reservation can be quick and easy in www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk. We can make a secure online reservation for many London Hotels from this site, from the cheapest hotel to the most luxuries hotel. They provide the rates from each hotel and update it on a day to day basis. My husband and I decide to stay in Lord Kensington Hotel in London.

After reading reviews about Birmingham Hotels in this site, I chose Holiday Inn Express Birmingham City Centre to be our place to stay in Birmingham. Not only hotels in London and Birmingham, they also give us a comprehensive review about Manchester Hotels, Paris Hotels and many other beautiful place to go. Thanks to cheaperthanhotels.com, they really make our holiday is all well prepared.

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